About Me

I am passionate about the highest level of alchemy that can happen in between two people. The seed that every interaction holds. My desire is to bring more attention to our Divine essence, to our Godliness.

Every day I discover new possibilities and every circumstance in life becomes an opportunity to grow, to deepen my surrender, to allow myself to be more vulnerable and to be seen for who I really am.

I had many teachers in several parts of the world who shared their experience and knowledge to expand my practice and I am grateful for the depth of their teachings. My purpose is to bring your attention to your real feelings, to your desires and to show you how this journey of self discovery can empower you.

Certified as an Integral Yoga Teacher & Tantra Yoga Educator (  for body and mind well being) ; Certified as an Intimacy & Relationship Coach (acknowledging the interdependence among us all, I see the value that clear and direct communication brings) and Certified Orgasmic Meditation trainer. 

Over the years I have supported thousands of individuals to bring more bliss, awakening and empowerment into their lives and hundreds of couples to create more passionate and deeply connected relationships. We can all get a bit stuck in our ability to connect whether singles or in a relationship no matter our status in life, my work with a number of celebrities in different industries shows that we all need a little support sometime.