The Chakra System is an ancient Yogic /Tantric system first mentioned in the Vedas and it translates from the Sanskrit as “wheel” of energy. As well as a physical body we have a subtle body which can be measured as electromagnetic force fields within and around all living creatures; the Chakras are vortexes of energy spread all over our subtle bodies and they allow external energy to have an impact on us and our internal energy to come into the world, more precisely it denotes a point of intersection where mind and body meet. We have 7 main centers, Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. Each of these centers represents an aspect of our life, from our health to our emotions, our personal power, our self-esteem, our ability to love and receive love, to the way we communicate, our creativity, our intuition and our highest consciousness: the balance of this system allows us to experience and create our life in the most authentic way. Like flowers, chakras can be open or closed depending on the state of consciousness within. Chakra healing and balancing can help you to make sense of some behaviors you may be stuck in and that don’t serve you any longer, it may transform your response to change, the way you love, your creativity and any other area of your life that feels unfulfilled. For example you may have problems with your personal power ( third chakra) because of a block in communication ( fifth chakra) or vice versa. In a one to one session you can learn how to make self improvements and set the right intentions for you according to your personal Chakra System.