Desire Coaching

  •  Are you following your real desires?
  •  Do you know what you want?
  •  How honest are you with yourself?

Early social and religious conditioning has caused the development of many layers of protection that ultimately hides our true self. We use this inauthentic self to help us gain acceptance and approval from others but at the cost of our real needs and desires. If we don’t follow our real desire, we may create a series of compensatory ones that will never fulfil and nourish us deeply.

This separation of self is the cause of many dysfunctional behaviours; seeing through these layers can create a profound transformation.

Desire Coaching
To answer these simple questions honestly first we must learn the lost art of feeling and the ability to connect with our truth; we often blame other people or outside circumstances for our misfortune, having no control over  patterns and unable to take responsibility for what happens to us. Through working together we will enter into a more conscious way of living and experience real empowerment.

Desire Coaching provides the space for you to see through these layers of conditioning and to reveal and accept your true desires.

-The process starts with clearing all the limiting beliefs accumulated over the years. Comparing ourselves to the house we live in it is a visit to the basement, to observe and throw away all unwanted possessions we have developed attachments to but do not need any more.

-We will then integrate this new found space with a fresh awareness that will manifest itself in your communication, in healthier relating, in men/women dynamics and in your sexual life. Integration flexes the muscles that we use to create deep and lasting changes. Moreover it is refined and rooted by practices and exercises to create fulfillment and a cleaner way of living that will expand even after our coaching relationship
Realizing your true desires is perhaps the most precious thing you can offer yourself.

“Desire is our most compelling driving force, the energy that powers the world and exists behind all our achievements. It is the magic that brings our life into harmony with the universal order. Desire creates love, beauty and art.  It can be our greatest undoing. And the only reason for all doing. And doing is life..”

Associating desire with its fulfillment fails to see its inner wisdom and moves us away from its deep value, in fact desires is very often misjudged as self indulgence or greed. However it plugs us into our creative potential, helps us to find our true purpose and it fuels the fires of passion allowing us to accomplish long term ambitions. It claims back volition from religion and other institutions. . From this space the ordinary becomes the extraordinary.

Why “Alchemy of Desire” ? I believe that by following our desires we may realize that what we are chasing may not be what we actually want and in this process we will get closer to our real desire. Living a life based on desires rather than fears will alchemyse any doubts, any fatigue, and also many feelings. How can we transform that sense of impotence; how can we alchemyse that sense of jealousy, how can we turn frustration into excitement ? How can we feel more love ? I believe that following our desires will allow us too experience that alchemy.