Meditation Sessions

Meditation is the most ancient form of cultivating awareness. It lowers the level of cortisol in your body (the stress hormone) and over time it increases the ability to focus.By meditating regularly you will learn to silence the continuous internal dialogue that constantly clutters our consciousness. During sleep, the body rests and recovers vitality, but the mind enters into several stages of dreaming and that sometimes can be so straining that we may wake up less rested than when we went to sleep. 30 minutes of uninterrupted meditation can leave the brain feeling more refreshed than several hours sleep.

Through meditation one gradually comes to realize that most of the worries that affect us are merely mental illusions of our own creation, with no basis in reality. One of its most basic lesson is that the only permanent thing in life is impermanence, yet we consistently behave as though our blessings as well as our problems were permanent. Meditation teaches the lesson of impermanence and relativity and shows us how to flow with rather than fight the currents of constant change.

There are many ways to practice Mindfulness and Meditation, both in stillness or in movement where shaking and/or dancing may be involved. Are you finding your work environment stressful? Do you have an important decision to make but you have no clarity in your mind? I can guide you through a meditation of your choice or I can guide you through a visualization, you will be amazed to see how much it can help you to gain mental and emotional clarity!