Greetings beautiful Sister.

This year has been a difficult year for all, independently of gender and world location, we all felt disempowerd at times, if not scared or totally paralyzed .

We had the unique opportunity to stop and feel. Mental Illness and addictions escalated. Many relationships ended, as old paradigms no longer work.

This circumstance gave us an opportunity to get in touch with the mystery of life, the soul of existence. A lot of us struggled with the unknown, the very feminine quality of the void, as we are more and more disconnected from the natural cycles of the Moon, we are also disconnected to the natural phase of the Dark Moon, when the mystery prevail.

I believe that women gathering together is what we all need the most right now. Reconnecting to the feminine, heal our wounds, supporting each other for the journey, harnessing the power of togetherness and intention.

I will start a Global Red Tent from Tuesday September the 7th 2021, with a Powerful New Moon in Virgo with the theme of SACRED SPACE – Within and Without, we will gather online twice a month, with each New and Full Moon. I am making it especially affordable so anyone who wants to join can, there is a real need for communion and support.

For more info on how to book your “virtual cushion” email me at or on +44(0)7854142815

“By the pouring of this water,

I signify the transfer of my sacred waters of life

From the mundane to the sacred.

Spirit of all life,

be my witness here.


The Magdalene Manuscript