Hi Tristana

thank you very much for your time on Wednesday. Sarah and I learnt a lot and are now enjoying putting our new found emotional and physical skill set to work in our “practice”.  We had great fun and are both delighted to recommend your training to any couple.

Peter & Sarah, London


Tristana is an incredible Tantra teacher and Speaker. I have met her at the LOVEx Talks in London, where she delivered an Interactive talk-workshop on Tantra

Her talk was very engaging, easy to understand and very exciting to listen. She is one of not many speakers that connect with the audience on the different level, that keeps the energy of the room high, people very engaged and the message landing easily.

Tristana’s passion and knowledge created a safe space for people to explore an Introduction to Tantra, I truly enjoyed sharing the stage with her and being part of an incredible evening.

I highly recommend Tristana’s work, she is amazing!

Eugina Oleinikova, London

I attended a talk given by Tristana in London called “A Taste of Tantra” and left with so many new tools to try out with my clients and in my personal life! She is so knowledgeable about Tantra and sacred sexuality, and everyone in the audience was hanging onto every word she said. She’s such a gifted teacher and facilitator, and a lot of fun to be around! 

Lucy Rowett, London


“You are amazing! Thanks for giving me the responsibility for how I feel”

A. WG Norway

“Tristana is the most skillful, attentive and empathetic action coach one could hope to encounter. You could not ask for a more committed and compassionate stand to helping you realise true happiness and fulfilment in this world.Tristana simply is the ‘desire coach’. She embodies the role and is there for you as an assured and trusty guide to uncovering the treasures of your heart – a Sherpa to accompany you to the summit of whatever personal Everest you set your mind on ascending.

She will encourage you to acknowledge your desires, sweetly coax you to open up and express your heart’s innermost fears and wishes – and then encourage you to take courageous personal action and get solid results based on this understanding.
I can truly say that our sessions have widened my experience and understanding of the world. Within the span of my first three sessions with Tristana, I secured the material benefits of a new job with the bigger salary which enabled me to support my family.
But the journey was profound. It seemed, and still appears now, that miracles arise unbidden in my life every time I applied what I had learned and the assignments to reinforce the coaching.
In addition to the conspicuous benefits gained from our coaching sessions, I have also secured a whole host of unseen rewards. This includes a wider and more profound outlook on life, a growing sense of self and the burgeoning of a powerful sense of integrity. These inconspicuous benefits have proved equally, if not more rich and rewarding, than the actual proof of the desire coach”

Jonathan Werran, writer and journalist

“Tristana is a very professional coach and give herself totally in the session . She made me feel very comfortable and good about my sexuality . The sessions we had together opened me up and effected in a very positive way the relationship with my husband “.

Kathrine Lamb, Age 45, Promotions

“Thanks so much for the session we had last week, that was amazing. The coaching session helped so much,  me and my wife have already started communicating the issues in a honest way, and hopefully we will get to the practical part soon as well. The coaching you gave me was incredible and has given me more confidence which made me more relaxed. You are such great person so thank you for being you and for pointing out so clearly all the things i didn’t wanted to see , that helped me a lot.  You are incredible. “

W. Gang, France

“Thank you for everything you have done for us, you are amazing”

Laura & John, London


“Dear Tristana,

Thank you so much for being so kind, lovely and wonderful. 

I wish you the very best”,

X /Andrei, Russia

“A huge huge thank you! Can’t really express in words how great the session was! I hope you have a great safe trip and see you soon!”

Michael O. Washington D.C. xx

“Thank you for my last appointment – fabulous. I went from nervous to
> > euphoric! :)”
David, London

“Also you are really gorgeous in every way. I felt held when I was vulnerable and deeply seen when I was hiding from myself. You are truly an enlightened being who pours out love in every moment, even in your assertiveness”.

Bill McNair, Editor U.S.


Thanks again for an other terrific session”
Michael, Seattle

“I have always enjoyed our sessions and I cannot visit or pass through London without seeing you. You always bring light and a new level of awareness in my life!”

Kim W. Germany

“Thank you very much for our first coaching session it was great and beneficial”.

Abdul, Dubai

“I’ll wait to hear from you as I’m not interested in looking else where.”

R. Ross, Belgium

“I am writing this short note as a thank you gesture and also to let you know how much I value the wonderful session you offered.
I want you to know that you are truly amazing. It is easy to forget after the session but you did leave a mark.
You are an amazing lady and truly gorgeous at heart.”

J.L. India

“You have been extremely supportive and interactive during and in between our coaching sessions . I feel so safe with you and respect you so much for who you are”.


“The time with you is very special and fulfilling and I look forward to seeing you again on my next visit to London”. C.N. Global Traveler, Washington D.C

“I have had the privilege of having had repeated sessions
with Tristana over now almost a year. Thanks to those sessions I have gained self awareness and a better
connection between my spiritual, mental and physical being.
Tristana is a unique coach who brings her experience and knowledge in every session. She
devotes herself completely and is able to see you perfectly
so that she is able to arouse the level of consciousness to a higher state of awareness. I came away from each session with a sense of renewal and calm; a new sense of knowing and always looking forward to our next encounter for
further growth and fulfilment. Apart
from her knowledge and skills , what makes her special is her
ability to be empathetic to the needs of her client and to connect with them in
the most meaningful way. Thanks to her,
I am convinced that Intimacy Coaching is the therapy of the future.”
A.B New York, International Charity Financial Consultant

“Thanks for your session today. It was perfect. You are an amazingly beautiful woman, clearly with a gift to make people feel at ease while transforming their lives! I hope to be able to see you again in the near future.”

J. T. CEO, Software Businness

“Hi Tristana,

I just wanted to thank you for a spectacular session today.

I loved meeting you, you are a beautiful person, inside and out.

I hope to see you again, maybe in NYC.

Much Love and Thanks”

Susan W. New York

“I had the extreme pleasure of working closely with Tristana during an extended Shamanic Sexual Healing training certification program we both participated in. I have been a practitioner, healer and educator in the Sacred Arts for many years now and I have been blessed to work with some of the most highly respected practitioners in the field. As you can imagine I have some amazing experiences and can offer much praise for many of my fellow practitioners, however, none have touched me as deeply and as profoundly as the lovely Tristana. Her capacity for seeing into what her clients need in the moment and her ability to meet them exactly where they are ready to be met is in my experience unmatched. Tristana has an almost inexplicable ability to embody Shakti or the essence of a woman. 

I truly dream of a chance to bask in her loving, awakening presence again”.

John D. California

I recently had the unique opportunity of spending two entire days with Tristana in California. Without doubt, and for numerous reasons, I can’t imagine that I will ever forget the experience. My immediate impression was that this is a woman who is naturally, deeply loving. I found Tristana to be very intelligent, articulate and charming. She is educated, mature and worldly. She loves to laugh, and this comes naturally to her. She is funny, witty, playful and cheeky. In fact, the more time we spent together, the more highly I thought of her. Cutting to the chase, she’s a beautiful person, has a great heart, a developed social conscience, a deep respect for people and humanity, and is committed to her self-growth and creating a great life for herself as she contributes to others. Far more important than her knowledge in this field, is the way in which this has permeated into who she is, and what somebody would experience when being with her. I think of Tristana as a woman who is very connected to, and in touch with herself. In fact I found her to be strong-willed and, at the same time, exceptionally tender. The whole encounter was just a delightful, multi-dimensional, deeply nurturing and completely loving experience. Every time I look back on the time spent with Tristana it brings a smile to my face.  I have great respect for her as a person and I love her dearly. I can’t wait to do more work with her again. I freely offer my highest recommendation of Tristana to anyone considering coaching sessions with her. I can say, if it’s not obvious already, that I’m a fan of Tristana.

N.N. Entrepeneur, Santa Cruz, California