The intention behind these series of 6 Yoni Circles is to support you in your journey to wholeness, to inspire and be inspired, to give yourself the gift of time, presence and self-care. 

Because worship starts with you,

Because there is much more available to us

Because magic always happens when women gather together

Because sharing is healing

Because when we self heal the world heals

Because circle supports integration of intention

Because only together can we fully empower each other

Because our connection can go deeper than we imagine

Because it is time to reawaken the gifts and the wisdom of the feminine.

Because Together is Better.

Before entering the circle we create a sacred space where we are going to have the call, even just a candle next to us will unite us through the element of fire. We start each session with 3 minutes of silence and our eyes closed. Each Circle has the quality of a PRAYER

Week One

LET THE YONI TALK: Invoking and sharing Inner Sacred Womanhood and Authentic Empowered Vulnerability

Week Two

Sharing + YONI PUJA, a portal to Self-Love . Reconnect with your Yoni and to yourself at a worship level. Includes Yoni anatomy + Self Yoni Massage

Week Three

Sharing + Relationship to our body/ nudity. Internal Orgasm + Female Ejaculation and how William Reich’s theory of body armoring can stop us from connecting with a mature version of womanhood 

Week Four

Sharing + Shakti Yoga – Includes Nurturing Breast Massage

Week Five

Sharing + Womb as a primary center of consciousness and our Mestrual Cycle as a spiritual Journey + healing with Yoni Eggs

Week Six

Self-Love and 4 directions 5 Dakinis Ceremony + Sharing

If this speaks to you and would like to book your “virtual cushion”, get back to me by email or on +44(0)7854142815 and I will send details for payment. Each Wednesday starting the 28th of July, from 7:30pm to 9:00pm UK time, £300 pp.

In the ballad of life, throughout history, men and women experienced different stages of empowerment and it feels at this point women are having more of what they want ( at least in the 1st world countries): some form of “equality”, high position jobs, high salary, all the comforts, fame, success…all at the small price of TIME. 

But is it really what we all wanted? Most of us being away from our families and communities, rising our children alone or with barely enough childcare, have a lot to juggle; or single women ( or men) having to handle everyday life alone, working hard to pay high bills and spending the time off drowning in comforts and compulsive behaviors just to stay afloat. 

I believe the structures we have created for ourselves are not sustainable and because community life is unavailable to many of us, we do not receive the loving support that every human needs, therefore we are constantly longing for something external to provide the solution. That longing is a real need for healthy interdependence but instead we romanticize everyone to compensate for what we don’t have and we keep feeling unmet. If what you seek you don’t find within yourself, you will never find it without.

Tristana x

“By the pouring of this water,

I signify the transfer of my sacred waters of life

From the mundane to the sacred.

Spirit of all life,

be my witness here.