Intimacy & Relationship Coaching

  • Are you afraid of embracing your feminine power, or as a man are you fearful of the women around you?
  • Do you easily blame others?
  • Do you have problems trusting the people you relate with?
  • Do you easily withdraw from challenging interactions?
  • Do you use humour or other masks to deflect uncomfortable feelings?
  • Do you accept sex as a way to appease your own insecurities?
  • Do you seek constant external approval?
  • Do you have the intimacy you want in your life?
  • Are you able to ask for what you want?
What we all need more of in life is intimacy, connection and purpose.
Whether you are single and looking for a way to improve the way you relate to others or you are in a relationship and experiencing problems with your partner or you are struggling to deal with the end of a relationship, coaching can help you recognise your own desires and help you to move towards the most nourishing direction.

Each coaching session lasts 60 minutes or longer if you want to add meditative practices. We will be excavating the truth of who you are, learn how to identify and communicate needs and desires, opening up to conscious relating.

I will be asking you specific questions to invite self discovery. During this process we will be clearing some of the issues that have been blocking you, we will learn new ways of relating and we will increase your ability to feel. By increasing your ability to feel you will be able to stay conscious in your interactions, tap into your real desires and make decisions that support a more fulfilling way of living.

TANTRA AND TAO COACHING SESSIONS: Sexuality is not just what you experience in the bedroom. It is your creativity and your life force. It is the ignition you carry with you in the decisions you take and in your actions. The Chinese, in the Tao, regard sex to be as natural and indispensable to human health and longevity as rain falling on the fields is to plant life; In early Hindu Tantra, sexuality, as well as other practices  was a practice used to catalyse biochemical transformation in the body to facilitate heightened states of awareness.
With sexuality coaching you can:

• Transform your approach to sex
• Learn to read the signals your partner’s body are revealing to you.
• Learn new techniques for him and for her

The implementation of ancient philosophies with modern techniques will take your ability to experience and share to a deeper level.

“From sex to tantra: a great revolution, a mutation, is possible in man. And in the East, people became aware that if you become meditative while making love, the quality of sex changes and something new enters into it – it becomes tantric, it becomes prayerful, it becomes meditative…it becomes samadhi.” Osho